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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Rush The Homebuying Process

September 25, 2012 by     Real Estate

5-reasons-not-to-rush-homebuyingUS Lease Option not only wants to connect you with nationwide listings of rent to own, foreclosure, and owner financed homes but also wants you to get educated on all facets of buying or selling real estate. Today’s blog post covers the top 5 problems buyers can encounter if they get impatient and try to rush the home buying process.

#5 The most straight forward reason for people not to rush the homebuying process is because they could very well miss out on a better opportunity. If you only look at 5-10 houses on your search for the home of your dreams you could sell yourself short, pay too much, or not get what you really want. Setup a plan for finding a home search long and hard and don’t jump in to anything that seems like it is too good to be true or not good enough!

#4 While this may seem simple many owners forget to look at school districts when deciding on a location for their future home. Even if you don’t have kids currently but are planning to have kids it is a good idea to look at how well the schools is rated because of how lengthy home ownership is in a few short years you could have kids in a local school. Be sure to check online for school ratings in your area before you even start looking you don’t want to fall in love with the house that isn’t going to give your children the best education.

#3 One major issue that any home buyer faces is employment changes. When you buy a home it is permanent until you have paid it off, sold it, or been foreclosed on. Before buying a home make sure that you are in a steady job that is not going to ask you to move across the country, having upcoming layoffs, or looking for new employment in a different location than where you are moving. Many times buyers get stuck with a house they can’t afford due to a layoff or having to move and being stuck with a house they can’t sell. Buying a home is a big commitment and it’s for the best to have extremely stable employment at the time you purchase as well as save up for an emergency fund.

#2 Occasionally home owners moving to a new area and need to move quick find a great deal on a home only to find out a few months in that it’s a bad area. Don’t put your family and valuables in harms way take the time to research the area look at crime rates, ask neighbors about the area, and look for tell tale signs of gang/drug activity. In addition to your research visit the location often and at different times of day and look for potential danger.

#1 One of the biggest issues homebuyers face when they are purchasing a home is pre-existing or imminent problems. Whether it is a leaky roof, bad insulation, cracking foundation, termites, electrical problems or whatever the problems may be you could save thousands of dollars in repairs if you follow this simple tip. Instead of scrambling for the cheapest and available inspector take the time to research home inspectors get lots references. A good inspector can be the difference between dream home and a disaster!

Hope this article was informative and useful, be sure to leave comments or e-mail us at and we will answer back via a blog or Facebook post. Happy hunting and remember home buying is a marathon not a sprint take your time and choose the perfect one!